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SOMETHING SOMETHING SOUP SOMETHING was designed and written in 2017 by 

   and was developed in collaboration with:

  • Isabelle Kniestedt – Art, programming
  • Johnathan Harrington (@FaeLD_) – Field research and additional design
  • Marcello Gomez Maureira – Web-design and additional programming
  • Riccardo Fassone (@Doktorplirtz) – Music and sound effects
  • Jasper Schellekens (@Indigitalgames) – Narrator, research support


It was developed at the Institute of Digital Games with the support of Maltco Lotteries.




"The year is 2078. It has been a decade since Homo Sapiens-Sapiens perfected teleportation technology.

Rather than using teleporters to overcome scarcity or to oppose various forms of oppression, this new technology is used to further promote economic exploitation. We hire aliens to manufacture goods on their planets, and then beam the products of their cheap labour back to Terra.

Due to categorical differences in language and cognition, however, the aliens often misunderstand what humans ask them to produce..."